About Luther Core Values


"Through safe and amazing experiences, Luther Heights Bible Camp proclaims the Gospel, builds faith, and strengthens the body of Christ by serving all people."

“Climb Higher, Dig Deeper, Grow Closer”

Core Values:

  • We live out the Gospel through discipleship. 
  • We experience Christ through living in community with one another, recognizing the value of each person.
  • We experience Christ through Word and Sacrament. 
  • We value and nurture our relationship with congregations recognizing our ability to strengthen and grow the Church, while valuing our Lutheran identity and open to people of all faiths, especially the un-churched. 
  • We seek out staff that are motivated by Christian faith to share their faith. 
  • We plan and facilitate programs that intentionally place the Gospel in the center of adventurous, exciting activities designed for everyone! 
  • We practice a ministry of food through careful planning, home-cooked, well-balanced meals   presented in an atmosphere of table ministry, fostering community & relationship building. 
  • We care for the creation entrusted to us through the care of our site and the places we visit.     
  • We seriously assess the risks posed through our site(s) and activities, and train staff to be thorough, critical, and proactive in watching for and handling potential risk. 
  • We reach out into the larger community seeking opportunities for partnerships with new communities. 
  • We practice healthy and balanced stewardship of money through its responsible and creative use. 
  • We strive to practice hospitality in all that we do. 
  • We strive to create a moral/ethical Christian environment. 
  • All youth are important and we serve all youth in our summer program regardless of their economic ability to attend.

Luther Heights Bible Camp Vision

  • LHBC is an exciting outdoor ministry of the Lutheran Church that develops church leaders and equips God’s people for service in their communities. 
  • We are a three season innovative ministry that creatively proclaims God’s love and abiding presence wherever his people gather. 
  • Our main site in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains is inviting to all because of its serene, easy to find setting and clean, rustic appearance. 
  • By being consistently visible and accessible to our constituent congregations, our staff is viewed as a valuable ministry partner. 
  • LHBC is financially strong as a result of congregational support, individual gifts and a healthy, growing endowment fund.

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