Luther Heights Employment

For Those Seeking Employment

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming part of the Luther Heights Bible Camp Staff! It is a great opportunity for you to live out a concern for others, share the Gospel story of Jesus Christ, and to develop life-long friendships with others who also share in the desire to give of themselves in a Christian camping environment. Since 1952, Luther Heights has served youth and adults from all backgrounds, helping them to better know themselves, and to live creatively in community while experiencing God’s love. The ministry we are about asks us to give a great deal of time, patience, prayer and sweat. Our staff is the most important component of the ministry at Luther Heights Bible Camp. If you desire to be a part of a Christian community and to be a role model to youth, we encourage you to read the enclosed information and complete the application. Attached is information about who we are, our goals, brief job descriptions, and salary information. We would be happy to consider you for a summer staff position. To apply, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the SUMMER STAFF APPLICATION FORM. We must receive all applications by March 15. This date may change if we do not fill all positions. Always feel free to contact us about positions and turning in an application. We will gladly hold applications until the next year to consider for summer staff.
  2. Give the REFERENCE QUESTIONNAIRES to three people who can comment on your behalf. Explain the nature of the position that you are applying for and ask them to return the questionnaire directly to the camp office no later than March 15. If you have previously worked at another camp, your former Director or direct supervisor must be one of the references.
  3. INTERVIEW. In February we will visit a number of college campuses to interview prospective staff members in-person. It is important that every effort be made to schedule an interview with the opportunity to meet “face-to-face”. If this is absolutely not possible, phone interviews are acceptable, but not preferred. You are responsible for setting up a phone interview. All interviews must take place on or before March 25.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Schedule.

We will offer positions after application files are complete and applicants have been evaluated. Priority may be given to those applicants with lifeguard certification. If you have questions, please call (208) 886-7657.

We will be in touch with you as soon as possible in regards to staff decisions. We look forward to meeting with you. Thank you for your interest in Luther Heights Bible Camp.

More Details on Summer Positions

Luther Heights is located in a beautiful valley of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, about 40 miles north of the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. The area is rightly named for its rugged mountains and jagged peaks. Luther Heights is only a short walk from two pristine mountain lakes, Alturas and Perkins. Both of these lakes are enjoyed for swimming, canoeing and beach activities. The site of Luther Heights is nestled up against the Sawtooth Mountain range and looks out onto a large meadow, annually colored by wildflowers. The atmosphere and aesthetic is rustic, yet charming.

Our schedule runs from late May through the middle of August. Most staff positions are from June through August. All full-time summer staff are expected to participate and complete staff training, the first 2 weeks of June. Typically, 24 hours of time-off will follow each camp session. All staff should expect to be on duty one weekend during the summer.

Summer Programs

Check out our programs for information on our offerings. Our staff are important in making each of these a success!

The Community of Luther Heights Bible Camp

In all of our positions we hire women and men who are committed to Jesus Christ. We seek to create a community of acceptance, respect, and care that is uplifting to all—campers and staff alike. It is essential for all persons on staff at Luther Heights to have a desire to create such a community in order to minister to those who come to camp for a Christ-centered experience. Living out God’s love is the challenge placed before all of us. This challenge orients us beyond ourselves to those in our midst and results in the focus being centered on others.

We ask our staff to be open, sensitive, and adaptable to various people and situations. Summer our staff carry a great deal of responsibility, so maturity in judgment and character are essential qualifications. Also, the pace throughout the summer is fast, therefore it is important that staff be well rested and in good physical condition for a tremendous summer in the mountains.


Important—When preparing to fill out the application, you must first download the form, ‘save as’ under a new name, and then fill out. If you do not do this, your information may not save when you email or print off.

  1. Other Important Forms:

Program Coordinator

At least 21 years of age preferred, will be combined with Counselor Position, 2-3 positions.

Responsible for supervision of Staff/Program at Day Camps, On-Site, and/or Servant Events. Needs maturity, good communication, interpersonal skills, and leadership ability. Past experience at Luther Heights preferred, however, not required. Will participate in a PC Retreat/Training 2-3 days prior to all staff arriving.

Room and Board plus $2,400 or $240 a week.


Minimum of one year of college/ 1 year out of High School.

Live in cabin with 4-10 youth. Lead a family/cabin group. You will be responsible for leading these groups in program, Bible Study, worships, games, overnights, devotions, work projects, etc. You will assume responsibility for the safety, health, social & spiritual growth of your campers. You will spend three to four weeks on Day Camp staff. The first two weeks of camp will be spent in Staff training to prepare you for the programs and fun ahead!

Room and Board plus $2,400 for 10 weeks or $240 a week.

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)

At least high school senior, 18 years old, 1-2 positions.

During weeks of Day Camp you will lead a small group of campers. During on -site sessions you will work with a counselor: Bible study, games, hikes, skits, worships, etc. It is an opportunity to build your counselor skills and to give yourself to the ministry of Luther Heights. It is also a great way to prepare to be a full-time counselor the next season!

Room and Board plus $90.00 a week.


At least a high school Sophomore or 14 years of age, preference given to older applicants.

Duties include washing dishes, general cleaning and other support staff responsibilities. Hired for a two-week period, which includes volunteer training hours.

Room and Board plus $90 a week. Dates vary.

Health Professional/Nurse (Full Summer)

If you would like to volunteer for a week as Nurse, click here.

At least 21 years of age preferred, 1 position.

Supervise health care and screening of campers and staff; maintain health records and inventories of medical supplies. Receive, store and dispense all camper medications on-site program, and supervise medication procedures with off-site programs. Assist in preparing and training other staff in health care responsibilities. Supervise infirmary. Prepare first aid kits for trails. Preference given to RN’s and Graduate Nurses.

Room and Board plus $240 a week.

Office/Retreat Manager

Minimum of one year of college, 21 years of age preferred, 1 position

Manage the camp office and serve as a weekend retreat host. Responsibilities include: answering the phone, greeting guests, tracking of registrations, deposits, computer data entry, camp photographer, develop multi- media presentations each week, supervise the operation of the camp store, register campers, drive campers/staff to horseback rides, and other related office work.

Room and Board plus $2,300 for 10 weeks or $230 a week.

Head Cook

At least 21 years old, large group cooking experience and menu planning helpful.

Responsible for preparation of all meals, plan menus with the Director and supervise staff assigned to the kitchen area. Meals will be served family style with between 40-170 per-meal. Must monitor food inventory and together, with the Director, order as needed for efficient, cost-effective use. Responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary food service.

Room & Board plus salary (salary is negotiable according to experience).

Assistant Cook

Minimum of one year of college/one year out of High School, 2-3 positions.

Directly responsible to the Head Cook. Assist in food preparation and other kitchen duties. May be pared with CIT or Counselor if requested.

Room and Board plus $2,400 for 10 weeks or $240 a week (salary is negotiable according to experience).


If you would like to Volunteer for a week or more, click here.

At least 21 years old.

Provides general maintenance of the grounds, buildings, and equipment at Luther Heights according to our policies and procedures. Daily waste collection, water system monitoring, supervision of camper/staff work projects, camp vehicle maintenance, driver, maintenance supplies monitor. Experience with carpentry, plumbing, etc. helpful.

Room & Board plus salary (salary is negotiable according to experience).

Salary and Benefits

Staff salaries are designed to be as uniform as possible, though consideration is given to experience and the responsibilities involved for each position. Generally, a person is employed with a single job description although there may be some variance due to the needs at Camp. Staff have access to laundry facilities on-site and may use it during hours off.


Modest increments are added to staff salaries for experience and certifications (which must be current for the entire season). They are as follows:

  • For each year of experience as a full season staff at Luther Heights = $100
  • Current Lifeguard certification = $100.00
  • Recruiting a staff member = $100.00 (if you refer an applicant who signs on and completes the summer, you will receive this bonus.

Staff with special responsibilities or skills may receive additional increments.

Current Staff

We are excited you have accepted the offer to serve on the staff as a Counselor this summer! We am confident that you will find this summer to be a great adventure in the mountains of Idaho!

Each Winter/Spring we visit all of our congregations to spread the news about camp. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm on the faces of all the youth. They are excited to meet the Summer staff and look forward to returning to LHBC this summer as campers or to come this year for their first taste of camp.

Below you will find links to PDFs that you must download and fill out and return to camp. These are all important forms for the summer ahead. Once they are completed, mail to our office. Please let us know by phone or email to expect them.


  1. You will have already received your contract. Please sign and make a copy for yourself, and then return a copy to us.
  2. Background Permission (return to camp)
  3. Voluntary Disclosure (return to camp)
  4. Personnel Policies (for you to keep)
  5. General Staff Job Description (for you to keep)
  6. Check out the specific Job Descriptions above!

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us.

We will also be mailing and emailing out several letters prior to the start of the summer. They will contain helpful information about the summer and how you can prepare yourself for your position and your adventure in Idaho!

Register online or by mail for any of Luther Heights' programs.