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Helpful information and forms as you prepare for your week at camp.


There are a number of ways to save when signing up for a program at Luther Heights Bible Camp. If you qualify, you will select the discounts during your registration.

Here is some helpful information on our discounts:

  1. When you log in to your account, you will choose your program and then proceed to fill out forms and eventually come to a screen where you can choose your discounts.
  2. Be sure to choose each requested discount you wish to be approved for. None of our discounts are automatically placed on your registration. If you do not choose it here, you will not be able to receive the discount. You can go back later if you choose to request a discount later on.
  3. You will not automatically be approved for your requested discount. When you request, we will be notified of each one. Once you pay your minimum deposit for the program, then we will approve/decline requested discounts.
  4. If you are approved, your account will be updated and you will receive a notification by email. Be sure to check on our payment schedule so you do not miss the deadlines for payment.
  5. If your requested discount is declined, your account will be updated and you will receive a notification by email.
  6. Once your full registration payment is paid, you will not be able to request any further discounts for the selected programs

Our Discounts

Here is a list of our discounts, the qualifications of each, and any further information you need to know when requesting it.

  1. Early Bird Discount:

    Great! You are on top of it and want to register for camp as soon as you can! For that you will be rewarded! When you register before May 1st, you can request the Early Bird Discount on the requested discounts page. One you are approved, your account will be updated and a notification email will be sent to your email.

  2. Bring a New Friend/New Camper Discount

    Awesome! You are responsible for referring a new camper, someone who has never been to Luther Heights before. We are always thankful for those who spread the word about our ministry. When requesting this discount, you must chose it in the Requested Discounts page, and then email us the name of the child you are referring. Your discount will not be approved until the camper has registered and paid their minimum deposit. Once they have registered, you will be notified of the update to your account. The new person must not be anybody within the requesting child’s immediate family.

  3. Family Discount

    This discount is for Nuclear Families only. If you plan on sending more than one child to camp, you can save! Here’s the breakdown:

    • 1st Child-Full Fee
    • 2nd Child-$10 off
    • 3rd (+) Child- $20 off/additional child
  4. Family Camp Max

    In an effort to allow all families, no matter their number, to enjoy a Family Camp at Luther Heights, we have a Max charge for Families (immediate family only). Usually, the max is set at a price for 4 people, so anybody past that will be subsidized! When registering, you will be charged the full amount, be sure to contact the office. We will do our best to notice when a family meeting the max has registered. Once the discount is approved by our office, please pay your minimum deposit and then follow the payment schedule.

  5. Health Professional Volunteer Discount

    If you volunteer as nurse for a week of camp not only will you be serving our ministry in ensuring safety, but you will receive one of these awesome discounts!:

    1. A campership for up to (2) kids (yours, or you may gift them to others) valued at more than $550!
    2. OR a $200 honorarium for the week.
  6. Scholarship Request Form

    If you are seeking financial assistance for your week at camp click HERE. Download, fill out, and send back to the Boise office.

About Our Tiered Pricing

Luther Heights has a three-tier pricing program, with Tier I being the historically subsidized cost of camp. Tier III more closely accounts for the true cost of camp, and Tier II is right in the middle.

Our goals remain the same:

  • To provide the highest quality programs possible.
  • To serve all income levels.
  • To preserve camp for generations to come.

So why 3 Prices?

Realizing everyone has a different ability to pay, we offer this three-tier fee program. You choose the tier that is most suitable to your situation. This program is voluntary and in no way influences the experience anyone will receive. We see it as a way to ensure the camp is available for years to come, and it offers the opportunity for families/individuals to take an active role in supporting the true cost of any camp experience at Luther Heights.

  • Tier I is our historically subsidized rate (through gift income) and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs. The Tier I fee is the same typical charge for Camp as it always has been.
  • Tier II is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more but still cannot afford the actual cost of camp.
  • Tier III more closely accounts for the true cost of camp, including staff, maintenance, administration, insurance, utilities, depreciation of camp buildings, etc.

For any other questions on our pricing, please contact us.

How to Register

  1. Read the details on our website specific to your program of choice to be sure you are excited for the adventure ahead! Each program is designed with the age group in mind ensuring an experience unlike any other. Some programs have specific details and requirements that must be met for the full experience. Any further questions can be answered by contacting us.
  2. Register Online Click the registration buttons found throughout the website. This will lead you to a page that will ask that you use one of the preferred web browsers to ensure a smooth registration experience.
  3. Once you are redirected to Campwise, our registration site, follow the directions to create an account for you and your family, or to log back into your existing account.
    1. You will want to write down or save your account name and password. This allows you to get back into your system, save your information, and register for more camps without the need to start from the beginning. It also allows you to come back at a later time to pay your registration and add subprograms such as horseback, rafting, and tie dye.
    2. If you do not remember your login information, please follow these steps first!
      1. Contact Campwise to recover your account information at 1-866-433-4548
      2. OR Contact the Luther Heights office by phone-208-886-7657 or by email for assistance.
  4. Call camp office for help registering over the phone. 208-886-7657
  5. Be sure to fill out all forms during registration. Many of the forms will be required before you can complete registration and pay the deposit. Other Forms such as Horseback and Rafting forms are not required to register, but must be filled out to ensure your camper is included in these activities. If the forms are not signed they will not be able to participate. Sign your forms!
  6. To hold your spot for the camp program you choose, you must meet the minimum deposit. Until this is met, your status will read “Enrolled”, others may take your campers place until you are “Registered.” You will receive confirmation emails throughout the registration process to let you know if we have received payments, approved discounts, etc.
  7. Any mailed forms and payments can be sent to the appropriate address below:


From Sun Valley, Idaho:

The Camp is approximately 40 miles north of Ketchum/Sun Valley. Go north on HWY 75 over Galena Pass and past Smiley Creek Store. Stay on HWY 75 and 3 miles beyond Smiley Creek you will come to Alturas Lake Road. Turn left onto Alturas Lake Road — continue 3.5 miles to the sign for Luther Heights Camp. Turn right onto the access road into the camp.

From Stanley, Idaho:

The Camp is approximately 25 miles south of Stanley. Go south on HWY 75 past Obsidian and past a sign for Busterback Ranch on your left. In another half a mile there is a sign for Alturas Lake Road. If you get to Smiley Creek, you have gone about 3 miles to far. Turn right onto Alturas Lake Road and continue 3.5 miles to a sign for Luther Heights Camp. Turn right onto the access road into the Camp.

GPS Coordinates:

Please use the following GPS Coordinates to reach Luther Heights Bible Camp. Entering “Alturas Lake Road, ID” usual directs you somewhere else. LHBC is about 20 miles south of Stanley or 40 miles north of Ketchum off of Alturas Lake. GPS Coordinates: 43.92938-114.85886


If you would like to request accommodations at Luther Heights when dropping of a camper for a program, please contact us ahead of time. We cannot ensure that space will be available, but will do our best if we know you need space for a night!

If you are passing through and would like a comfortable spot to lay your head, let us know ahead of time, or stop in to see if we have space! We will gladly accommodate travelers through if we have open lodging.

US Forest Service Campgrounds around Alturas Lake

  • Alturas Lake Campground. Phone: 208-774-3001
    Fees: Single/ $10/night
    Double $18/night
    Extra vehicle $5/night
  • Smokey Bear Campground. Phone: 208-774-3000
    Fees: $10/night
    $5 extra vehicle
  • North Shore Campground. Phone: 208-774-3000
    Fees: $10/night
    $5 extra vehicle

Register online or by mail for any of Luther Heights' programs.