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"Through safe and amazing experiences Luther Heights Bible Camp proclaims the Gospel, builds faith, and strengthens the body of Christ by serving all people." Learn More

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

— Frederick Douglass


“When I get home I will tell my friends and family that I grew closer to God and I feel better because some of the stuff I have been hanging on to is now gone.”


“When I get home I will tell my family and friends, “YOU HAVE TO GO TO CAMP!”


Luther heights is a special place. You feel it almost right away, through the beauty of God's creation that surrounds you. You feel it and see it over time, with the feeling of belonging and sense of community, in the enthusiasm and testimony of the counselors, in the sharing of meals, in the distraction-free devotions.

Sonia Daley Board Member

It’s all worth it when you’re suffocated by hugs at the end of the week, and exclaiming, “I’m coming back next summer!” That’s why I love working at Luther Heights. There may not be any Wi-Fi here, but I can promise that you’ll find a better connection.

Tyler StewardsonStaff Member

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